The Box

I am much more fond of circles than I am of boxes. To me, a box signifies a limit, it is a clear path to an end goal. But a circle is limitless, it has endless opportunity.


The Sleep Effect

I hate that I’ve become the kind of person who groans as they get into bed.

A sigh that spills from my mouth and reveals how glad I am to put my life on hold, how much I crave this brake.

I used to be vibrant, full of energy from dawn to dusk.

I resented the fact that sleep was a necessity because I really didn’t need it.

Now, when I lay flat on my mattress and stare at the ceiling and notice how the light drifts in from the bare windows, I attempt to sink, sink so deep into the layers of my mattress that I disappear completely.

I attempt to hide myself from the stinging and painful reality of the world around me.

I hate that when I get up in the morning I groan because I realized my plan failed.

My mattress refused to swallow me up and now I must deal with the realness of the day.

Poem by L.T.

Just Once

I don’t recall how many nights I spent searching,

tucked and curled around your body.

Looking at your face in the dark,

and how the shadows masked your tired eyes.

I can’t remember all the times I turned around,

to catch a glance of you in the back seat.

Seeing you stare out the window,

at the rolling hills and endless canvas of the world.

All I wanted, was to see a smile,

and hold it forever in my heart.

I longed to catch you off guard,

and see a twinkle in your eyes comparable to the brilliant night stars.

I wanted to remember the way you used to smile,

with flowers in your hair and sunshine in your heart.

Just for a moment,

I wanted you to be free of the dark.

Poem by L.T.