Rolling Dice

Poem by L.T.

Please let me know if the handwritten poem is hard to read, I will retype them in the future!


Momentary Relief

 The corners slowly creeped up,

revealing a row of whites.

Pink lips parting,

her smile shown for the world.

A rare beauty, a moment of peace,

for the churning thoughts

in her head.

I had to wonder,

what made her smile so?

What had been said,

that momentarily dissipated

the darkness in her head

and heaviness of her soul?

I suppose it didn’t matter,

any smile was a good smile,

a momentary relief.

It brightened the room,

like the sun had decided to just shine on her,

for a moment of time.

But then, as soon as it came,

it vanished once more.

Like night taking over the sky,

her face went back to blank.

And her eyes, oh her eyes,

revealed more than her mouth ever would.

They shined in that way,

when you remember something from long ago;

an unforgettable nightmare.

It rotted the back of her brain,

and destroyed her from the inside out.


Poem by L.T.